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Beacon Pathway Incorporated

A shared vision of the potential benefits of improving New Zealand’s homes brought stakeholders together to form an Incorporated Society, Beacon Pathway Inc.  The Society’s objective is to transform New Zealand’s homes and neighbourhoods to be high performing, adaptable, resilient and affordable through:

  • Facilitating and undertaking demonstration projects which show the benefits of higher performing new and existing homes.
  • Facilitating and providing robust research which builds a fact-based platform for sustainable, affordable, buildable and comfortable homes.
  • Enabling Members to lead the transformation of the built environment in New Zealand
  • Collaborating with and bringing together other stakeholders in New Zealand’s residential built environment to create greater change

A copy of the Society’s Rules are available below.



The Society is governed by a Board of Directors elected by Members.

Members welcome

Being part of Beacon offers members a unique set of opportunities:

  • Leverage of members’ R&D investment via jointly funded Beacon projects.
  • Direct learning through participation in Beacon demonstration projects.  These draw on Beacon’s unique evidence bases and are robustly evaluated to provide real world proof of concept.  We ‘wring the value’ out of the demonstrations to drive change: we don’t build show homes.
  • Potential first mover advantage gained from members applying the learning from their engagement in Beacon-run projects.
  • Access to Beacon’s network facilitates collaborative work across the value chain: central government agencies, councils and industry.
  • Access to Beacon’s knowledge through uptake activities such as symposia, workshops, newsletters and briefings.

Beacon Pathway Inc. looks forward to discussing these benefits and developing relationships with any organisations across the residential housing chain which share the Society’s vision of high performing, adaptable, resilient and affordable homes and neighbourhoods.

Nick Collins, CEO

Beacon Pathway Inc.
P.O Box 74 618

Ph (09) 522 5170
Mobile (021) 464 252