Milenko Matanovic returns with more community facilitation workshops

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Remember last year’s placemaking workshop with Milenko?

He is back in Auckland, 28-29 July 2016, to run another Fellows workshop.  If you found it useful, and know of others who could benefit from these skills, please pass on this information or download and pass on the flyer.

Milenko Matanovic, founder of the Pomegranate Center in Seattle and a 27 year veteran of art-based placemaking, is returning to New Zealand and is again offering his successful workshops in his ‘fierce facilitation’ approach to community collaboration.

If you are involved in working with communities as a community leader, council worker or in your professional projects, these will give you skills, processes and inspiration to facilitate a community placemaking process.

What do you learn?

In the workshop Milenko will teach the techniques that empower community members to fully engage in a productive, creative process, while creating broad ownership.

You will cover:
Community building: Philosophy and principles
Wiring for success: Community project planning
Turning ideas into actions
How to build gathering places with communities
You will become part of a network of ‘Fellows’ across New Zealand communities. Share your experiences, learn from others,  and maintain an ongoing relationship with Milenko and the Pomegranate Center.
Milenko and the Pomegranate Center
Originally an artist, Milenko Matanovic believes strongly in bringing art to the street to enhance every-day life. The combination of art, creative thinking and community weaves a certain magic and brings communities together.  This spurred Milenko to found the non-profit Pomegranate Center in Washington State.

The Pomegranate Center works alongside communities to build gathering places, and trains community leaders in the skills and processes to facilitate communities in collaborating on change.