About Us

Our services: Expert insight and research


We undertake new research to fill the gaps in understanding house and neighbourhood performance.  Our team has extensive experience in the performance of homes and neighbourhoods and can offer technical insight, analysis and expertise to your projects.

  • Sustainability review for community housing
  • Marae resilience and sustainability reviews

Beacon has an extensive track record in research, having successfully completed a five year government research contract in sustainable housing and neighbourhoods. We have robust systems to manage the research process ensuring a quality outcome (in full, on time, in spec), that meets your needs, and provides credible results.

We’re experienced at pulling together knowledge from our own research and other work around New Zealand and the world into a synthesised package that addresses the needs of clients.

  • Technology review

And we believe in testing in real world conditions - check out our previous live demonstration projects

  • Waitakere NOW Home
  • Build Back Smarter

We understand that simply producing a report is not enough to change the world.  Different formats are needed for different audiences and situations.

So we turn existing knowledge into a form that means it can be used to drive change.  Sometimes that means a tool that others can apply, sometimes a simple checklist for other organisations to use with their clients.

  • Build Back Smarter guide and checklist

We also believe that research is not only about generating learning,  it’s about sharing it too.  We use workshops, presentations, symposia,  articles and blogs to spread the learnings to drive change.

  • Housing Matters