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These initial benchmarks have been established as a ‘first cut’  starting point, based on the best available national information. We are revising the benchmarks as the data we collect from demonstration projects, other research and national data sets improve, and to require higher levels of performance over time.

Where possible, the benchmarks are measurable using easily obtained measures such as power and water bills.  We’re also trialling a simple monitoring tool to measure indoor environment quality in the HomeSmart Renovation homes.   Our hope is that by offering concrete performance levels, homeowners can regularly measure their performance against the benchmarks, and better understand where they can make improvements.

In some instances, the HSS High Standard of Sustainability® uses checklists - due to the nature of the performance being measured and the lack of available data to set measurable benchmarks. As research progresses, we hope to specify measurable benchmarks for these areas.

HSS 2008 Benchmarks

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