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I’m already active in the sector providing advice and would like to achieve HPA certification, why do I have to first pass the introductory Principles of Home Performance course?

The Level 1 course sets the foundation of knowledge for course participants regardless of their experience to ensure there is a consistency of science based, best practice and independent awareness of energy use in the home.


Can I just buy the manuals and not attend the course?

The programme has been designed for a classroom environment which delivers maximum impact to the course participants by drawing on the trainer’s expertise as well as the interaction and sharing of experience amongst participants.

The manuals are provided as complementary learning tools as well as a reference guide for certified Home Performance Advisors in the field.  


Why are there tests for the courses?

The Home Performance Advisor training programme is a competency-based professional development programme for practitioners giving household advice about home performance.   The training programme is established to give consumers confidence that a certified Home Performance Advisor comes to their home with a clear understanding of what makes a house run and can make well informed, whole of house recommendations.  The test determines whether the participant demonstrates the competency required in order to deliver science-based, best practice and independent advice. 


Why is the Certified Home Performance Advisor course residential?

This is an intensive course which requires full participation from all in attendance.  Each day and each session has certain learning outcomes which must be achieved; therefore, it is important that they start on time.  People arriving late or having to leave early for home or for personal errands affects everyone’s learning.  

Evening work is also required and is best completed in pairs or groups in order to share experiences and learning from the day.


Why is there so much course work before and after training days for the Certified Home Performance Advisor course?

The Home Performance Advisor certification sets a high national standard for the provision of advice and recommendations.  Achieving certification is not meant to be a simple process.  The manual is sent out to participants two weeks prior to the course date allowing for a full review.  This gives participants time to prepare themselves with an understanding of what the course will include.

The assignments are a necessary part of the programme to determine the competency of the participants from a technical perspective as well as communication.   


What happens if I fail the Principles of Home Performance course?

There are three options for people who fail this course;
1. Register on the next available course (as per registration fees)
2. Re-sit the test with no support ($150.00 + GST)
3. Re-sit the test with trainer support (phone or skype) ($250.00 + GST)
If options 2 or 3 are chosen and the participant fails the test for a second time, only option 1 remains.


What happens if I fail the Certified Home Performance Advisor course?

There are three components to this course, of which the final exam and assignment 2 are the most significant.  If the necessary competence isn’t achieved for either or both of these, the participant has the option to re-sit or resubmit for a cost of $150.00 + GST.


What happens after certification?

Certified Home Performance Advisors are expected to undertake ongoing professional development.  The Home Performance Advisor programme will facilitate this by co-ordinating the national team of certified Home Performance Advisors.  This network will enable Home Performance Advisors to share their best practice experience with peers, hear about latest knowledge and research, and identify gaps that they’d like the programme to fill (e.g. Is there a need for a higher level course?  What might it cover?).  This aspect of the Home Performance Advisor programme is evolving and will develop alongside the growing national advisor network.


Why can’t the courses be run all over the country, for example, my home town?

People come from all over the country to participate in the courses so there is no single ‘best’ location.  Through much consideration (based on cost, ease to get to and geography to population), Hamilton and Dunedin have been determined the most suitable locations.


Who are the trainers?

The Home Performance Advisor programme has been designed by industry professionals from science, academic, engineering & building backgrounds with combined 50+ years’ experience delivering advice from both a retrofit and new build perspective.

Our trainers have strong links into the Eco Design Advisor scheme which sees some councils in New Zealand offer independent advice to their residents.  Therefore, our trainers have a great depth of technical knowledge; they are very experienced at dealing with a huge variety of household circumstances and so offer a valuable insight into provision of independent advice.


Who is behind Home Performance Advisor training?

The Home Performance Advisor programme is jointly owned by the following three not-for-profit organisations:

  • Beacon Pathway
  • Community Energy Network
  • The Enviroschools Foundation

These organisations all share a common goal of improving housing outcomes for New Zealanders and identified that a key barrier to change was households receiving independent, whole-of-house advice on the best way to improve their home’s performance.  So they jointly developed and run the Home Performance Advisor programme and are committed to the growing team of certified Home Performance Advisors who can help New Zealanders make informed choices about home performance.


Where could I get a job when I am Home Performance Advisor trained?

The Home Performance Advisor training programme aims to improve the quality of advice given in New Zealand but does not provide guaranteed jobs in the sector.  As it is the only national standard and certification for the provision of home advice in New Zealand, and it is being well received in the sector, there is a likelihood it will become more and more in demand by employers.

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