Feedback from earlier participants

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Principles of Home Performance

“Very comprehensive”

“Information given is very good, booklet is a good reference and discussion was very good”

“In-depth content, very knowledgeable tutor, you can apply content to any situation or example raised”


Latest feedback from health workers

“Now I grasp the true concepts in home healthiness”

“Great to have the up-to-date relevant information to use a a future reference”

“I have learned new skills to help assess and change some behaviours and improve my homne and people who may need help”

“Excellent examples, no questions unanswered”                                               

“It was a great way to provide simplified information on a variety of topics and then be able to pass that knowledge on to clients in a way that they will understand”

“Poor housing is causing bad health, we can do something about it with this new information”


Home Performance Advisor Certification

“The course was absolutely fantastic - great organisation, extremely knowledgeable tutors, quality coursework - it really was an excellent three days. I have already recommended the course to several industry associates.“

Luka Bramwell, Ethical Energy

“My confidence as a home adviser has definitely improved as a result of the knowledge and skills gained through the HPA training. The 2.5 days of the course was great in its friendly, but focused delivery. This was complemented by a good balance of course content plus hands on assessments to really solidify what I’d learnt. Great stuff!“

Renee Rushton, Sustainability Trust

“I thoroughly enjoyed the HPA training in Christchurch in November. It was thorough and professional with knowledgeable instructors and a great group of trainees for the first intake.

Also the Practitioners’ Hub website is a great follow-up resource for maintaining up-to-date information, contact with the HPA community and seeking answers to complex questions.

This year I look forward to being involved with Transition Valley 473, Blueskin Resilient Communities Trust, the North East Valley Community Development Project and other groups involved with the Dunedin Cosy Homes Initiative, helping Dunedin residents, particularly those who are doing it hard on lower incomes in rented homes, achieve more comfortable, more economic and more sustainable houses for themselves and their children.“

Peter McDonald, Transition Valley 473 Energy Group


Panapa’s story

Of Uepohatu/Ngati Porou descent and hailing from Ruatoria, Panapa has first-hand experience of the poor quality housing in the Ruatoria community.

“Many of our people live in unhealthy homes,“ says Panapa. “This has a significant impact on the well-being of our people. This is represented by some of the highest negative statistics in health, employment and social well-being in the country.“

Panapa was keen to initiate whanau-based housing projects in Ruatoria and sought Home Performance Advisor certification to give him the knowledge and credibility to kickstart these projects.  Panapa successfully completed the programme and became a certified Home Performance Advisor.

His first assignment, assessing around 20  houses owned/managed by Te Runanga o Ngati Porou. These assessments are free to gain some momentum in weaving home performance knowledge into the fabric of the community. Panapa says “I am planting seeds into the community so that the incorporation of this knowledge is community owned and driven.“

Even more exciting is Panapa’s vision for where his Home Performance Advisor training could lead.  He believes home performance advice could be implemented through local learning institutions such as marae, schools and the local polytechnic.  Of upmost importance is adapting the home performance knowledge to existing local knowledge. “The rangatahi (adolescents) are the key focal point. They are the next generation of change makers. They are very open to new knowledge and ideas” says Panapa. “This sets up intergenerational change by making this knowledge the norm.“ 

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