About us

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Our vision

Creating homes and neighbourhoods that work well into the future and don’t cost the Earth


Our purpose

We are an Incorporated Society committed to transforming New Zealand’s homes and neighbourhoods.  We use research and demonstration projects to show New Zealand:

  • How our homes can be warmer, drier, healthier, cost less to run, be adaptable for the future, and use less resources.
  • How our neighbourhoods can be adaptable, sustainable, and a place where residents enjoy interacting, working, living and relaxing locally.


Our goal

To bring 90% of New Zealand’s homes to a high standard of sustainability


Our work

We understand homes and neighbourhoods.  We’re clear on the current status of housing (poor!) and what outcomes are possible (the opportunity is enormous!).   

Through our original government research contract, and in our projects and contracts as an Incorporated Society, we’ve built up an impressive knowledge base on the issues New Zealand faces in improving residential outcomes. 

We understand many of the barriers and have developed ‘solutions’ to address them; you may have found more barriers - we like a challenge!

We understand transformation.    Beacon’s goal is transforming New Zealand’s housing stock into the high performing resource our country deserves.  It’s going slower than we’d like.   We’ve learned there is no one single thing that will pull this off: the oft wished for ‘silver bullet’. 

So we’ve developed a comprehensive network across council, central government, community sector, manufacturers, insurers, researchers, politicians, professionals and trades organisations. 

We’re actively engaged in unpicking barriers when we see them and developing partnerships across these groups to push initiatives/innovation that will help reach our goal.