Presentations - 2010 Beacon symposium

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As Beacon’s research contract with the Foundation for Research, Science and Technology draws to a close, we have taken the opportunity to update stakeholders on progress in some key research projects.  Three research symposia were held in Wellington, Christchurch and Auckland to share what we’ve learned.

These include:

  • The final results from the Rotorua NOW Home®, a project which told us a lot about what design compromises can and cannot be made to still get a high-performing home.
  • The results from the large scale HomeSmart Renovation project.  Covering 530 homes, this has provided a wealth of data about what renovations homeowners prioritise given extensive information, and how well their homes perform before and after.
  • The value of water efficiency measures to councils, and the relationship between water and energy in water treatment and supply.
  • How to get sustainable neighbourhoods - Beacon’s Neighbourhood Sustainability Framework and the new assessment kit.
  • Progess toward the new Residential Rating Tool