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Local government plays a vital part in stimulating and mandating for more sustainable building and renovation, and for sustainable neighbourhood developments. 

The Local Government Act sets councils’ role in promoting the social, economic, environmental, and cultural well-being of their communities.  One way to achieve this is by supporting and encouraging the development and retrofit of houses and neighbourhoods which:

  • are healthier to live in,
  • are more energy efficient,
  • conserve and use water efficiently,
  • have less impact on the environment, and
  • create less waste.

Beacon’s research shows that councils that want to successfully promote more sustainable homes can make it easier for homeowners to build and retrofit more sustainable homes. 

In addition, council strategies, policies and plans particularly influence the design of neighbourhood and need to take full account of climate change, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and other aspects of resilience and sustainability such as demand management, local sourcing and local initiatives.

We can help!

Beacon’s research, expertise and resources can assist councils in developing programmes, strategies and policies, in upskilling staff and in addressing barriers to sustainable homes and neighbourhoods.

Knowledge and tools - we have built up an impressive knowledge base on the issues councils face when considering improvements to residential outcomes.  We understand many of the barriers and have developed tools (robust, tested and simple) to help address them.

Straight technical insight - many of the barriers have common roots across NZ and we can help you understand these in relation to your situation.  We have experts in integrated water management, new and existing neighbourhoods, high performance housing (for both new and existing) and council approaches to facilitate better residential  outcomes.

Connect to a network - draw on Beacon to link with new partners to help you move forward.  Another council may have tried something you are considering, an industry player might have contacted us about an initiative that would be perfect for your council (e.g. a high profile demonstration home, neighbourhood renewal, household water management, incentive scheme…).

Professional development -  our expert team can develop bespoke workshops to enable your council to make informed and well considered decisions about homes and neighbourhoods.