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We are an Incorporated Society committed to transforming New Zealand’s homes and neighbourhoods.  We use research and demonstration projects to show New Zealand:

  • How our homes can be warmer, drier, healthier, cost less to run, be adaptable for the future, and use less resources.
  • How our neighbourhoods can be adaptable, sustainable, and a place where residents enjoy interacting, working, living and relaxing locally.


What we do

  • We build a strong knowledge base through research and networking across the sector - we can be relied upon for robust information and research. 
  • We undertake work for other organisations that fits with our vision and goals - we offer our knowledge base, expertise, and effective ways of working. 
  • We collaborate on projects, working together to achieve change in the sector and contributing our knowledge and expertise. 
  • We use events, publications, and tours to share knowledge and achieve change. 
  • We develop and use robust tools for the New Zealand housing context. 

Further information on Beacon’s work can be found in the Beacon Pathway Annual Review  2017-2018 


Benefits of membership 

Being a member is about joining us on our path toward higher performing houses and neighbourhoods in New Zealand.  It’s about tapping into our network and connections through New Zealand’s housing industry, and making the most of the opportunities to collaborate and link with other like-minded people and organisations.

Being part of Beacon has meant our members have been involved in a variety of projects and events, and had access to insights from new research or projects.  Our members have benefited from:

  • Linkages to other key organisations in the housing sector through collaborative projects; for example, working with the New Zealand Property Council on medium density consenting issues, or work with community housing providers on events and sustainability reviews.
  • Strong networks to bring stakeholders together in key events; for example, organising the Eco Design Advisor conference of which Resene was a sponsor, and which members attended
  • Bringing organisations together to leverage resources to deliver more; for example, the Housing Matters series in Canterbury which brings together Christchurch City Council with other sponsors and contributors.
  • Solving building performance issues through research; for example, NZ Steel’s new roof installation research.
  • Accessing the latest research; for example, Beacon’s development of medium density assessment tools specifically for New Zealand conditions.
  • Utilising Beacon’s expertise; for example, Christchurch City Council engaged Beacon to develop a toolkit to encourage other councils to adopt a similar service to Build Back Smarter.


Membership fees

Individual members - $50 per annum.  A form to apply for individual membership is at the bottom of this page - please send to

Organisations - $5,000 per annum.  Please contact Beacon at or 09 361 5170

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