About Us

Our structure


The governance structure of Beacon Pathway Inc. is laid out in the Rules of the Society.

A Board, elected by members, governs the Incorporated Society and is responsible for strategy.  It will consist of at least 5 members, with at least one independent Board director (i.e non-member) and an Independent Chairperson.


Current Board directors

Beacon’s current Board of Directors was elected by Members at the 2015 Annual General Meeting.  It comprises:

  • Lesley Jenkins (Chairperson and independent member), Relationship Manager, Rodney and Hibiscus-Bays, Auckland Council
  • Godfrey Hall, Director, InZone Industries
  • Brenda Steele, Local Board member, Auckland Council
  • Allen Davison, EECA
  • Guy Penny, EMPlan Services
  • John Anderson, John Anderson Architects

Strategic pathway to the goal

Four steps define the Pathway for Beacon to reach its goal: Know, Demonstrate, Scale Up, and Review. Beacon’s role evolves over time and with the opportunities offered. 

Beacon’s credibility and independence as a knowledge provider is well established and recognised and underpins new demonstration/scale up opportunities.  Demonstrations provide proof of concept, a comprehensive package of independent data collection, policy and regulatory input, partnership building, and information sharing to members, the sector and wider stakeholders.  The explicit inclusion of scaling up in Beacon’s pathway recognises that, to reach our goal, we have to work with partners to scale up learning of our successful demonstrations. 

Beacon’s portfolio of work covers the three arena of the residential built environment: neighbourhoods, new and existing homes.  Streams of work in each arena do not stand alone; cross-portfolio integration ensures each stream informs the others.  Additionally, each stream is at a different point on the pathway as we work through the steps.