A toolbox for Rodney communities

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Logo, Rodney Local BoardBeacon has been engaged by Rodney Local Board to develop a set of simple tools communities can use to plan for and work with the Board over their own locality. 

While several Rodney townships have undertaken some form of locality-based planning, others are keen to engage in community-led planning but are unsure how to begin or progress this work.

Beacon will be talking to people in Kumeu, Huapai and Riverhead districts who have already undertaken community led planning. The toolkit will draw on their experience to cover: getting started, visioning and planning, action, reflection, measurement, assessment, and sustaining momentum. 

Rodney community

The Rodney Local Board recognises residents’ concerns about the impact of new residential growth on existing physical and social infrastructure. This community planning project forms one of the Board’s key initiatives to gauge communities’ values and perceptions before developing a comprehensive plan.