Beacon insights into housing affordability

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It’s the hot topic for 2016, and from Beacon’s projects in New Zealand and our explorations overseas, we have useful information to add to the debate.

Come along on Wednesday 19 October, from 4pm to 6pm, and join us for drinks, nibbles and sharing our learnings.

Presentations include:

Reducing new home construction costs
Working with developers and builders cost data, Beacon developed a Cost Tower of new home construction costs in Auckland.  It shows where the opportunities to reduce costs lie, and in the cases where some developers are building for substantially less, where collaboration may help reduce costs across the sector.

Strategies from Europe to address housing affordability
While European countries share the same challenges, they offer some different responses which may be useful in New Zealand. Find out about how city and state governments are partnering with private developers to provide land and infrastructure in return for affordable housing, alternative mechanisms for affordable housing provision and city/state encouragement of these, and the burgeoning contribution of off-site manufacture in this market.

Retire or upgrade? What to do with older houses
Regenerating existing neighbourhoods is complex.  This project in Tamaki looked at whether older houses could be cost effectively upgraded or whether retirement was an option.  Of particular interest is the level of deferred maintenance identified in these houses.

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