Hear Jeremy Harrall on Real People, Real Buildings, Real Data

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Beacon, together with Hikurangi Foundation and the British Council, have brought Dr Harrall to New Zealand to deliver a programme of events focusing on SEArch’s development solutions: ‘Real people, real buildings, real data’.

Jeremy Harrall is the Managing Director of SEArch (Sustainable Ecological Architecture), a RIBA Chartered Architect practice. 

SEArch focuses on environmentally responsible architecture with a light touch on the planet, providing low energy living. SEArch designs buildings that are naturally heated, naturally ventilated and have reduced to a minimum, their reliance on fossil fuels.

Jeremy will share his experiences and insights on retrofitting and designing high-performance housing and commercial buildings, and discuss how he’s used data to shift the policy debate and public awareness in the UK. The core aim will be to explore how sustainable design can provide the basis for social, environmental and economic benefit, and lead to new enterprise opportunities.


The programme

13 November


Seminar   for housing providers and planners: Influencing change to improve housing

Wellington   City Council.

For   more information, contact

13 November


Public   lecture: Real people, real buildings, real data

Victoria University of Wellington, School of   Architecture, 139 Vivian St, Wellington.

For more information, contact the School.

14 November


Public   lecture: Building community and resilience through sustainable design

Clean Tech Centre, Otaki.

For more information, contact the Centre.

15 November


Public   seminar: Long Sutton development - intent, design, and impact

Auckland University, Lecture Theatre   206-220, Arts 1 Building (Entry from Level Two next to Lecture Theatre), 14 Symonds St, Auckland.

Book here: http://drjeremyharrall.eventbrite.co.nz/