High Performance House open in Christchurch

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The High Performance House show home was opened on 12 March 2013 by CERA chief executive Roger Sutton who praised manufacturers for developing innovative solutions in response to housing need in Christchurch. 

Mr Sutton suggested that off-site manufactured houses such as the High Performance House could fill a real gap in the Christchurch rebuild. He provided a theoretical example of home owners packing up on Monday, demolition and removal on Tuesday and Wednesday, on Thursday the foundation would be prepared and ready by Monday / Tuesday of the next week for the house to be delivered on site.

Roger Sutton opening HIVE

New Zealand Steel Vice President of Marketing and Sales Scott Fuller agreed that the High Performance House had great potential for Canterbury.

“Because of the speed of offsite fabrication in a controlled and secure environment with no weather delays it is ideal for Canterbury rebuilds, as a faster build causes less disruption, allowing people to continue to live in their old homes throughout the construction period. Other accommodation will only be required whilst the site is cleared and the house is delivered and assembled” he said.

The High Performance House is constructed with a new system called Warmframe™.

Warmframe™ is an innovative new building system which combines steel framing, insulation and windows into a single unit, built off-site and which is much better insulated than Building Code minimums. Claddings and coatings can also be added in the factory.  Developed by industry partners (New Zealand Steel, Frametek-RFS, InsulPro, Fletcher Aluminium and Resene), Warmframe™ technology promises a new generation of prefabricated home - one which not only brings the speed and accuracy benefits of off-site construction but also promises to provide warm, healthy, and energy efficient living with lower running costs.

The house has been designed by award winning architect Anne Salmond using her High Performance Houses™ system.

The home has other high performing features which will add to its value and low running costs including: photovoltaics for energy generation, solar water heating, wood pellet burner and a rain water tank.

The house is now open to visitors Wednesday to Sunday from 12pm to 4pm, or by arrangement outside those hours.

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