Getting medium density right!

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Beacon has commenced a Building Levy funded project which will look at tools to guide best practice medium density in New Zealand.

The project addresses the question “How is success of MDH measured at the individual development and neighbourhood level?“ with two sub-questions:

  1. What evaluation method is best suited for New Zealand to assess, measure, and target best practice in medium density communities?
  2. What overseas tools are relevant to New Zealand, and what should be developed or adapted here that would provide a means to measure progress on key outcomes sought by government and industry in medium density communities?

Beacon believes there is a gap in our current understanding of medium density housing; the needs and wants of residents and community members. More work needs to be done to understand these needs to make medium density housing more acceptable to potential residents and the neighbourhoods where they are situated.

Assessments need to address not just the quality of design but also its outcomes, in terms of functionality, sustainability, liveability, and opportunities to contribute to community development.