The dangers of deferred maintenance

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We’ve recently finished a project which included an assessment of the condition of 10 homes in Tamaki, Auckland. This turned out to be a lesson in why putting off maintenance is a bad idea in the long run!

The aim of the project was actually to see what it would take to improve the performance of these houses and bring them up to a reasonable rentable condition or whether retiring the houses would be a better option. It’s a very complex issue (and not one I’m focusing on here) but one very simple message for homeowners emerged:

Putting off your home maintenance can damage your household’s health, raise your heating bills, make your home less comfortable, and cost you more in the long run.

Many of us know we need to maintain our houses, but few make the link between maintenance and comfort, health, running costs, and future bills. Yet in these houses, a lack of maintenance was impacting all of these.