Understanding the magic of curtains

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Photo by C.Z. Shi via Unsplash


Curtains play a critical role in keeping warmth in our homes, according to recent research by Beacon Pathway, BRANZ, the Home Performance Advisor training programme and Sustainability Trust. 


The research confirmed that long, thickly lined curtains, installed on a track that is fitted tight to the wall, are effective in stopping heat loss out windows and keeping colder air out.  This is significant as more homes have insulation in ceilings and under the floor – our windows are the weakest link.   

The study was completed to support the excellent work done by curtain banks in many locations supporting whanau to be warmer in their homes through the provision of curtains.  Curtains are a simple, relatively cheap intervention which is more accessible for many households. 


Understanding heat loss and how curtains work is an important first step to understanding this research. This flyer has been developed to support that understanding for both those working with whanau and whanau themselves.