Walking tours explore medium density exemplar

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Hobsonville Point walking tourThe first of three walking tours viewed the latest developments at Hobsonville Point, looking at the variety of densities, housing typologies and affordable housing options.

Hobsonville Point is a Government led, private-public partnership to develop 167ha of old defence force land at Hobsonville into a new master-planned neighbourhood.

The development has a focus of doing medium density well.  It is aiming for 40-50 dwellings per hectare, and provides a wide range of house sizes and options to cater for everyone from singles to couples to families.

Sustainability is a big feature of the design with Hobsonville Point homes boasting 28% lower power use and 30% lower water use than other houses in the area. 

Community is another focus, and Hobsonville Point has included community facilities and activities early in the development.  Everything from playgrounds, to parks and walks, to a café, schools and a farmers market, is contributing to a neighbourhood which its residents enjoy living in and feel safe in.

Hobsonville Point provides affordable housing alongside other housing aiming for

  • 10% of houses at or below $400,000, and an additional
  • 5% of houses at or below $450,000, and an additional
  • 5% of houses at or below $485,000.

This means 500‐600 affordable houses across the development.

They have also experimented with smaller well designed starter homes on compact lots.  The Axis Small Homes Lab show homes have been open to the public to view.  69% of visitors said they could see themselves living in one of the show homes

The tour is aimed at professionals involved in urban design and development, including planners, urban designers, architects and builders, and will be led by one of Hobsonville Land Company’s development or project managers.

The next walking tour is on Friday 30 January @ 10.30am