Advanced Wall Framing Solutions workshop

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This workshop focused on exploring pragmatic and buildable framing solutions for New Zealand which result in a radical improvement to the thermal envelope. 

  • What solutions can be found to improve the performance of New Zealand’s new build housing? 
  • Are there modifications to current building techniques or promising construction techniques which are practical and buildable? 
  • Can they be adapted as an acceptable solution, and adoptable under current building code compliance pathways?

The workshop featured sessions on:

  1. Current wall performance: Preliminary results from modelling of case study houses  (Guy Penny, Beacon Pathway)
  2. The Zero Energy House  (Jo Woods & Shay Brazier, Re/volve Energy)
  3. Alternative wall systems  (Glenn Murdoch, Theca Architecture)
  4. Thermally improved construction details  (Jason Quinn, Passive House Institute NZ)
  5. Current exemplars and the Superhome approach  (Bob Burnett, Damien McGill, Dan Saunders - Superhome Movement)
  6. Medium density housing framing solutions  (Shawn McIsaac, Oculus Architectural Engineering)

The workshop was recorded and you can watch it here. (