Building the HomeSmart Home - A history

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Inspired by the NOW Homes®  

The HomeSmart Home built on Beacon’s two demonstration sustainable homes, one each in Rotorua and Waitakere, which were lived in by families and monitored, as ‘live’ research projects aiming to show that sustainable homes can be achieved now with existing designs, materials and products.

Beacon used the performance data of these homes to develop and test the HSS High Standard of Sustainability®, a set of benchmarks for a high performing, sustainable home.


The Housing Foundation 

The HomeSmart Home was developed in partnership with the New Zealand Housing Foundation.

The New Zealand Housing Foundation is a not-for-profit charitable trust that assists low and mid income householders to buy their first home through shared ownership and home equity programmes.

Shared ownership involves first home seekers purchasing around 75% of the value of the property with the Housing Foundation purchasing the remainder. The new home owner can choose when and if they wish to purchase more, or the house can be sold and the profit used to purchase their own home outright.

In home equity programmes a household occupies a Housing Foundation home and pays a market rent, and the Housing Foundation helps the household through advice and support to clear its debts. Over time, the household gets 75% of the property’s increase in value to use to buy their own home.

With philanthropic funding from the Tindall Foundation, the Housing Foundation was able to pilot this project and fund the additional features to review their cost effectiveness and benefits for their housing on a wider scale.

Designing the HomeSmart Home 

The HomeSmart Home amended a standard Housing Foundation design using Beacon’s HomeSmart Home guidelines and with advice and guidance from Beacon’s research team.

The house was built by Goldsmith Developments Ltd as part of the Housing Foundation’s West Coast Road subdivision in Glen Eden, Waitakere, Auckland.

It was completed in 2009 and a family of six moved in to the house in September 2009.


HomeSmart Home construction

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