Features of the High Performance House

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Architectural design

The HIVE house was designed by Salmond Architecture using their High Performance Houses™ system. This uses combinations of pavilions and links with a range of options in cladding, roof type and fit-out available to customise each home.


Off-site construction

The High Performance House was built in ten weeks in a factory, and shifted onto site at the Home Innovation Village.

This time lapse video was taken of the construction process.

Off-site construction has the potential to reduce construction costs and produce better results.  It allows:

  • Greater accuracy in construction
  • Less wastage
  • A much faster build-time - no need for weather delays


Excellent performance

The High Performance House was designed to provide excellent thermal performance (warm, dry, low heating costs), energy efficiency (renewable energy for water heating and power, lower power bills), water efficiency and resilience (water available during water outages), and sustainable and healthy living (recycled or recyclable products, low VOC coatings and adhesives).

The house is:

... adaptable

  • Easily adaptable to your site - arrange the pavilions to suit your views or site
  • Choose from a range of standard pavilion sizes, roof forms and finishes to meet your needs.
  • Exterior walls carry the structure to allow you greater interior flexibility
  • The Warmframe™ building system can be used with almost any designs or plans

... warm, dry and healthy

  • High levels of insulation (ceiling, walls and floor) to keep the heat in
  • Double glazed windows and doors with thermally broken aluminium frames and argon-filled glass panes to let the sun’s warmth in and keep it there
  • Good solar design lets in the sun in winter
  • Wood pellet burner - efficient and economical winter heating for the whole house
  • Well ventilated for fresh, dry air inside - better health for your family
  • Low allergen and low VOC products - environmentally certified for better indoor health

... comfortable and spacious

  • Indoor outdoor flow - plenty of deck area to choose from
  • Large open living areas
  • Quiet - sound insulated, internally and externally, for peace and quiet wherever you are
  • Generous storage

... affordable to run

  • Energy-efficient lighting and appliances - keeps your power bills down
  • Generate your own energy with a photovoltaic system - watch your power bills go down and get credits from your power company!
  • Solar water heating - use the sun’s free energy to cut down on water heating bills
  • Water-efficient taps, showers and appliances - using less water will reduce any water charges, now or in the future

... resilient

  • Rainwater tank -you will always have access to water, even in disasters
  • Strong steel structure and lightweight steel roof

... future flexible

  • The High Performance Houses™ pavilion system means you can stage building to suit your budget, and adjust to meet changes in family and needs
  • Designed on Lifemark™ principles - simple, commonsense design standards that make it safe and easy for people to continue living in their own home as their needs change

... good value

  • Cost competitive - prefabrication using Warmframe™ means you save on the build
  • Durable - products and finishes are long lasting for less maintenance and replacement

Performance ratings

The High Performance House at HIVE has a Homestar design rating of

Homestar rating

Visit the Warmframe™ website

Look Book title page

Download the look book for the High Performance House at HIVE  (6MB)