HomeSmart Home - at a glance

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The statistics 

  • The HomeSmart Home is a two storey home with a double garage
  • It has 4 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and 2 toilets
  • It has a floor area of 160 m2 (including garage)
  • Valued at around $410,000 at the time of construction in 2009

The HomeSmart Home

Simple principles of good building 

It is a home that is designed and built to be sustainable. 

It will perform better: warmer, drier, healthier. 

It will use fewer resources: less electricity and gas, less water. 

It will last well into the future and be flexible for changing households. 

It will cost the same as a similar house to buy but it will cost a whole lot less to run. 

And in time, as buyers realise the benefits of sustainable homes, it will have great resale value.


HomeSmart Homes use simple, proven designs and technologies in combination to address the whole house.  We believe that sustainable homes are not just about energy efficiency: they are about using water wisely, creating a healthy indoor environment, selecting renewable and recyclable materials, and reducing construction and household waste.