How did the Rotorua NOW Home® rate?

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Green Home Scheme

The environmental performance of each NOW Home® is assessed using the BRANZ Green Home Scheme.   This is an independent rating scheme for new homes, carried out by accredited assessors.  The Green Home Scheme identifies the key criteria for a sustainable home as:

Energy use 

  • Using more sustainable materials 
  • Water economy 
  • Health related issues

The Rotorua NOW Home® received a Very Good rating under the Green Home scheme.  Features which contributed to its rating were:

  • good room placement
  • integrated solar design techniques 
  • renewable energy assisted hot water 
  • renewable energy space heating 
  • environmentally preferable carpets 
  • environmentally preferable insulation 
  • environmentally preferable paint 
  • an independent water supply


Home Energy Rating Scheme

The Rotorua NOW Home® was rated under the Home Energy Rating Scheme and received 5.5 stars out of a possible 10 for the overall energy efficiency of the building.











Rotorua NOW Home

Rotorua NOW Home®