Core principles and assessment framework

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The framework is based on five core principles and associated outcomes:

Character, Context and Identity To develop a site and buildings that integrate with or relate to existing building form and style in the surrounding neighbourhood.
Choice The development provides for and enables occupancy by a diverse range of residents that can benefit from and support a thriving local economy with the understanding that high levels of diversity and optimum residential density make the development viable in terms of marketability and cost per unit.
Connectivity Connecting infrastructure enables safe, universal access using active, mobility, shared and private modes of transport within and through the site to identified key destinations.
Liveability Providing quality facilities and facilitating positive interactions between residents and the wider community.
Efficient and cost-effective resource use through design, behaviour and technological advancement.

These were developed into an assessment framework which provides a structure for the tools to assess developments against the desired outcomes.

Framework for outcome: Character, context and identity

Framework for outcome: Choice

Framework for outcome: Connectivity

Framework for outcome: Liveability

Framework for outcome: Sustainability