Minimising construction waste

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Beacon undertook a construction waste project for Auckland Council. The project aimed to develop improved waste minimisation practices through practical builder and sub trade engagement.  Practical waste minimisation activities that can achieve higher Homestar™ ratings and foster a low waste neighbourhood directly assist the process of building better cities and communities.

The project looked at operationalising the REBRI waste minimisation information by developing a practical builder friendly approach to site waste management across a large development.  This would include:

  • Practical builder/subtrades friendly methodologies, and techniques for minimising construction waste on site
  • Measureable targets and recorded waste streams from construction in the first SHA (<300kg of waste/dwelling sent to landfill)
  • Practical and builder / sub-trades friendly education and training material

  • 01-Aug-2014 (Report PUB/26)

    Residential Construction Waste Reduction: Case Studies and Resources (PDF 172KB)

    Camrian Berry

    This report brings together existing national case studies of residential construction projects that sought to establish better waste management processes in order to identify existing known barriers and opportunities for better waste management, reuse and recycling.


Construction waste