Monitoring and results for the Rotorua NOW Home®

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For Housing New Zealand, the Rotorua NOW Home® was an opportunity to trial a home which could be healthier and more cost effective for their tenants.  Beacon’s interest was in the opportunity to trial and monitor a different design - a second research project providing data to compare to the Waitakere NOW Home®.

As with our first live research project, the Rotorua NOW Home® was monitored while its tenants went about their daily lives, reflecting normal household use.

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  • 31-Jul-2009 (Report NO202/4)

    Rotorua NOW Home Final Performance Monitoring (PDF 2MB)

    Andrew Pollard, Roman Jaques

    This report examines the sustainability performance of the Rotorua NOW Home®. The reticulated energy use, reticulated water use, indoor environmental quality and the occupancy satisfaction are examined and compared with Beacon's first live research project, the Waitakere NOW Home®, as well as Beacon's set of sustainability performance benchmarks, the HSS High Standard of Sustainability® (HSS®).

Rotorua NOW Home

Rotorua NOW Home®