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The Waitakere NOW Home® was built on land donated by Waitakere City Council in Olympic Park, New Lynn.  This proved an unusual experience for the tenants and demonstrates that living in a neighbourhood brings benefits.

The location was carefully chosen for access to facilities and local transport.  The tenants appreciated living close to shops, schools, and a service station, and being able to catch the train. They enjoyed using Olympic Park, felt they walked more and participated in the public activities.  Since they added a dog to the family they regularly walked the dog to the park.  Having the park next door meant on-tap entertainment for the kids. 

However living by a large park rather than in a neighbourhood also had a downside.  They felt less safe in the house at night, with no neighbours close for surveillance.  Local teenagers hanging around in the park also caused concern and led to caution about opening windows or leaving washing on the line.  The area generally felt less safe and the family would not live directly next to a park again.

Waitakere NOW Home location

Photo: Craig Robertson Photography

Waitakere NOW Home

Waitakere NOW Home®