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Below are reports and presentations relating to our later new homes programme, HomeSmart Homes. 

You can also read reports and presentations from our earlier new homes projects at:


  • 01-Jul-2013 (Publication Case study/9)

    Low Energy and Affordable: The HomeSmart Home (PDF 81KB)

    Covers how the energy efficiency and renewable energy measures in the HomeSmart Home contributed to its very low power bills.

  • 01-Jul-2013 (Publication Case study/8)

    Water Reuse and Efficiency in the HomeSmart Home (PDF 521KB)

    Covers rainwater harvesting, greywater reuse, and efficient water use in the HomeSmart Home.

  • 04-Sep-2012 (Presentation PRES/31)

    Learnings from Recent New Home Monitoring Projects (PDF 1.8MB)

    Lois Easton

    Beacon's 2012 Christchurch, Auckland and Wellington symposia

  • 01-Sep-2012 (Report HN2800/9)

    Performance of two 'good practice' group homes in Rangiora (PDF 655KB)

    Lois Easton, Andrea Blackmore (eds)

    This report outlines the outcome of engagement with Stonewood Homes Christchurch and the results of monitoring two houses in Rangiora. These houses represent good practice among group builders and are compared to two high performance affordable homes.  This report includes the monitoring report from BRANZ.

  • 29-Sep-2011 (Report HN2800/7)

    New Zealand Housing Foundation HomeSmart Home: Evaluation of Performance and Occupancy (PDF 600KB)

    Lois Easton

    The New Zealand Foundation HomeSmart Home was designed in partnership with Beacon to meet the HSS High Standard of Sustainability®.  This report brings together the findings from performance monitoring and occupant experience interview.  It compares the performance and family experience of this home to the Rotorua and Waitakere NOW Homes® and to two homes monitored over a similar period built by Stonewood Homes in Rangiora. 

  • 30-Jun-2011 (Report HN2800/6)

    Performance of the New Zealand Housing Foundation's HomeSmart Home (PDF 673KB)

    Johannes Roberti, Andrew Pollard, Nikki Buckett and Lisa Burrough

    This report examines the performance of the NZHF HomeSmart Home with regard to the energy and water use and indoor environment. The home was assessed against Beacon's HSS High Standard of Sustainability® benchmarks for reticulated energy use and reticulated water use. It pays particular attention to the technologies not used in other Beacon demonstration homes.

  • 31-May-2010 (Report HN2800/5)

    The NZHF HomeSmart Home: Occupants experience of the home and comparison with NOW Homes (PDF 308KB)

    Rachael Trotman

    In 2009, Beacon partnered with the New Zealand Housing Foundation  to develop and monitor a sustainable HomeSmart Home in Waitakere. This report presents feedback from a face to face interview in May 2010 of the adult male occupant of the HomeSmart Home on how the family is experiencing the home, and compares this feedback with that from the Rotorua and Waitakere NOW Home® occupants.

  • 30-Apr-2010 (Conference paper HN2800/8)

    Learnings from the NOW Home Projects and Wider Application to New Homes (PDF 62KB)

    Lois Easton, Marta Karlik-Neale, Roman Jaques

    SB10 New Zealand

  • 30-Nov-2009 (Report HN2800/4)

    Concluding Beacon's NOW100 project (PDF 377KB)

    Vicki Cowan, Lois Easton, Andries Popping

    The purpose of this report is to document Beacon's new homes research, at the point of early wrap up of the NOW100 project.  This report serves to act as a repository of our knowledge to date: it therefore informs uptake pathways for the current technical knowledge (e.g. single residential rating tool project) and as a baseline should new homes research programme be re-established in the future.  

  • 31-Jul-2009 (Report HN2800/2)

    Development of HomeSmart Home Procedures v.1 for piloting (PDF 638KB)

    Lois Easton, Marta Karlik-Neale, Kay Saville-Smith, Roman Jaques

    This report outlines the methodology and work undertaken to development the Version 1 HomeSmart Home Procedures for the HomeSmart Homes (formerly NOW100) Project.

  • 31-Jul-2008 (Report HN2800/3)

    NOW100 Project Monitoring and Evaluation (PDF 301KB)

    Patrick Arnold, Lois Easton, Andries Popping, Kay Saville-Smith

    This working paper, reflecting early project planning, outlines the research methodology, low cost monitoring protocol and research and evaluation framework for the NOW100 Project.  It outlines the process of engagement with key industry stakeholders and definition of how HomeSmart Homes could be put in place using a mass market approach.  Note that these were originally called NOW Homes.