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  • 01-Jul-2013 (Publication Case study/12)

    Lighting Design in the Waitakere and Rotorua NOW Homes (PDF 92KB)

    Covers energy efficient lighting design in two demonstration homes.

  • 01-Jul-2013 (Publication Case study/11)

    Thermal Mass in the Rotorua NOW Home (PDF 46KB)

    Covers the use of thermal mass in the Rotorua NOW Home and why it proved less successful.

  • 01-Jul-2013 (Publication Case study/6)

    Flexible Design in the Rotorua NOW Home (PDF 139KB)

    Covers how the Rotorua NOW Home was designed for flexibility and adaptability over the life of the house.

  • 01-Mar-2013 (Report PUB/25)

    Construction Waste in the Havelock North Best Home: A Comparison to Best and Standard Practice (PDF 95KB)

    Lois Easton

    This report compares construction waste management in the Havelock North Best Home with other best practice homes (Waitakere and Rotorua NOW Homes) and standard build practice.


  • 31-May-2010 (Presentation PRES/23)

    Rotorua NOW Home: A Collaborative Project (PDF 2MB)

    Lois Easton

    Beacon Research Symposia 2010

  • 31-Jul-2009 (Report NO202/4)

    Rotorua NOW Home Final Performance Monitoring (PDF 2MB)

    Andrew Pollard, Roman Jaques

    This report examines the sustainability performance of the Rotorua NOW Home®. The reticulated energy use, reticulated water use, indoor environmental quality and the occupancy satisfaction are examined and compared with Beacon's first live research project, the Waitakere NOW Home®, as well as Beacon's set of sustainability performance benchmarks, the HSS High Standard of Sustainability® (HSS®).

  • 30-Jun-2009 (Report HR2420/8)

    Solar Water Heating in the Waitakere and Rotorua NOW Homes and in three Papakowhai Renovation homes (PDF 1.3MB)

    Andrew Pollard

    This report describes and examines the performance of the solar water heating systems used in the Waitakere NOW Home®, the Rotorua NOW Home® and three of the Papakowhai Renovation houses. A variety of systems were used in these houses and performance varied from 75% of the water heating being provided by solar in one of the Papakowhai  Renovation houses to 36% of the water heating needs being met by solar in the Rotorua NOW Home®.  Reasons for the performance levels are suggested. 

  • 13-Nov-2007 (Conference paper NO102/7)

    Beacon's NOW Homes: Building and Renovating Homes for Sustainability (PDF 106KB)

    Lois Easton

    Sustainable Building SB07 New Zealand

  • 11-Jan-2007 (Report NO202/2)

    Rotorua NOW Home® Interim Performance Monitoring (PDF 308KB)

    Roman Jaques, Ian Mathews, Andrew Pollard

    Reports early data from the monitoring the Rotorua NOW Home. It outlines the status of the performance monitoring dataset, as much analysis as possible on that dataset, a post-occupancy evaluation of the occupants during the first year of habitation and compares performance to the Waitakere NOW Home®. Later report NO202/4 gives a more accurate picture of the home's performance.