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Read reports and presentations from our subsequent new homes projects:

  • 01-Jul-2013 (Publication Case study/12)

    Lighting Design in the Waitakere and Rotorua NOW Homes (PDF 92KB)

    Covers energy efficient lighting design in two demonstration homes.

  • 01-Jul-2013 (Publication Case study/10)

    Thermal Mass in the Waitakere NOW Home (PDF 46KB)

    Covers the successful use of a thermal mass concrete floor in the Waitakere NOW Home.

  • 01-Jul-2013 (Publication Case study/5)

    Flexible Design in the Waitakere NOW Home (PDF 309KB)

    Covers how the Waitakere NOW Home was designed for flexibility and adaptability over the life of the house.

  • 01-Jul-2013 (Publication Case study/3)

    Appliances Chew Up Energy in the Waitakere NOW Home (PDF 27KB)

    Covers energy use for appliances in the extensively monitored Waitakere NOW Home.

  • 01-Jul-2013 (Publication Case study/4)

    Benefits of a High Performing Home (PDF 653KB)

    Covers why the Waitakere NOW Home tenants loved the house so much.

  • 01-Jul-2013 (Publication Case study/2)

    Saving Energy in the Waitakere NOW Home (PDF 161KB)

    Covers energy saving in Beacon's first demonstration home, the Waitakere NOW Home.

  • 01-Jul-2013 (Publication Case study/1)

    Saving Water in the Waitakere NOW Home (PDF 62KB)

    Covers the water savings made in Beacon's first demonstration home, the Waitakere NOW Home.

  • 01-Mar-2013 (Report PUB/25)

    Construction Waste in the Havelock North Best Home: A Comparison to Best and Standard Practice (PDF 95KB)

    Lois Easton

    This report compares construction waste management in the Havelock North Best Home with other best practice homes (Waitakere and Rotorua NOW Homes) and standard build practice.


  • 28-Feb-2010 (Report HR2420/12)

    Clawback of heating services in Beacon research homes (PDF 523KB)

    Andrew Pollard, Nikki Buckett

    Increased energy efficiency of hot water and space heating should reduce the cost of providing these services. However, the phenomenon of 'clawback' - where occupants use the improved heating system to increase comfort, can alter the effect of energy efficiency upgrades. In this work, the data from the Papakowhai Renovation Project, and the Waitakere NOW Home® are used to assess the clawback from the water heating and space heating services in ten New Zealand homes. 

  • 31-Jan-2010 (Publication SM3570/9)

    The Environmental Impact of the Waitakere NOW Home®: A Life Cycle Assessment Case Study (PDF 2MB)

    Nick Collins, Andrea Blackmore


    A Life Cycle Assessment case study of Beacon Pathway's Waitakere NOW Home® indicates that the greatest environmental impact of a house is not during construction or manufacturing, but from its operation over the life of the house.  The study focused on the house itself over a 100-year period in New Zealand, with a family of four inhabiting it. Heating, lighting and hot water were considered, and seven key building systems were evaluated separately.  Life cycle phases of construction, use, maintenance, transportation of materials to site and end of life were included.  New Zealand-specific Life Cycle Inventory data was used, wherever possible, for building materials.  However, where New Zealand data was unavailable, European industry data was used.


  • 30-Jun-2009 (Report HR2420/8)

    Solar Water Heating in the Waitakere and Rotorua NOW Homes and in three Papakowhai Renovation homes (PDF 1.3MB)

    Andrew Pollard

    This report describes and examines the performance of the solar water heating systems used in the Waitakere NOW Home®, the Rotorua NOW Home® and three of the Papakowhai Renovation houses. A variety of systems were used in these houses and performance varied from 75% of the water heating being provided by solar in one of the Papakowhai  Renovation houses to 36% of the water heating needs being met by solar in the Rotorua NOW Home®.  Reasons for the performance levels are suggested. 

  • 20-Sep-2008 (Conference paper NO102/9)

    NOW Homes and NOW Home (Papakowhai) Renovations: Transforming New Zealand's Housing Stock (PDF 211KB)

    Lois Easton, Andrew Pollard, Roman Jaques

    Discusses Waitakere and Rotorua NOW Homes, and the Papakowhai Renovation project.  SB08 World Sustainable Building Conference

  • 06-Jan-2008 (Presentation PRES/17)

    Waitakere NOW Home®: The Power of One Home (PDF 1MB)

    Andries Popping

    Building Momentum: Beacon Research Symposia 2008

  • 05-Jan-2008 (Report NO102/4)

    Waitakere NOW Home® Performance Monitoring: Year Two Report (PDF 2MB)

    Andrew Pollard, M.Heinrich, Lisa French, Roman Jaques, J. Zhao

    Report on the second year of monitoring, with comparisons to data from first year. Results show improved water savings but some take back on energy savings. Discusses improvements to address overheating and ventilation.

  • 04-Jan-2008 (Report NO102/5)

    Waitakere NOW Home®: Occupants' experience of the home and implications for future NOW Homes® (PDF 570KB)

    Rachael Trotman

    Results of an interview with the NOW Home® occupants. Explores their experience of living in the house and behaviours that affected the performance of the house. Occupants report better health, improved family life and great sense of wellbing from living in house

  • 13-Nov-2007 (Conference paper NO102/8)

    Practical Challenges in High Intensive Domestic Monitoring (PDF 161KB)

    Andrew Pollard

    Sustainable Building SB07 New Zealand

  • 13-Nov-2007 (Conference paper NO102/7)

    Beacon's NOW Homes: Building and Renovating Homes for Sustainability (PDF 106KB)

    Lois Easton

    Sustainable Building SB07 New Zealand

  • 29-May-2007 (Presentation PRES/5)

    NOW Homes: Sustainability NOW (PDF 1MB)

    Lois Easton

    Discusses results from the Waitakere and Rotorua NOW Home® projects.  Sustainable Living: Beacon Research Symposia 2007

  • 02-Jan-2007 (Report NO102/3)

    Waitakere NOW Home® Performance Monitoring: Year One Report (PDF 728KB)

    Lisa French, M Heinrich, Roman Jaques, Chris Kane, Andrew Pollard

    Report on the first full year of monitoring. Discusses and makes recommendations on monitoring equipment and process. Results show 40% water saving cf Waitakere, 66% cf Auckland; 55% hot water from SWH; 33% energy saving. Some problem areas highlighted and later addressed

  • 02-Jan-2006 (Report NO102 /2)

    Waitakere NOW Home® Performance Monitoring: Six Month Report (PDF 176KB)

    Roman Jaques, Andrew Pollard

    Report of preliminary data from the first six months of monitoring while tenanted, and also the views of the occupants via the first of four post-occupancy evaluations.  This early analysis relied on disrupted data and was not considered very accurate.  Later reports NO102/3 and NO102/4 gave a more accurate picture of how the home performed.

  • 08-Jan-2005 (Report NO103/2)

    NOW Home Protocols: A toolkit documenting the Beacon approach to sustainable design (PDF 640KB)

    Karen Bayne, Roman Jaques, Annika Lane, Katja Lietz, Robin Allison

    Based on the experience of the early design process for the Waitakere NOW Home, this report recorded the basis for design decisions and product selection with the intention of becoming an internal resource document.  However, experience and monitoring of the house later changed Beacon's focus to concentrate on energy, water, IEQ, waste and materials.

  • 02-Jan-2005 (Report NO101/1)

    Peer Review of Waitakere NOW Home® Design (PDF 140KB)

    Robert Vale

    Reviews the plans and design of the Waitakere NOW Home® and critiques its sustainability