The High Performance House at HIVE

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The High Performance House, built at the Home Innovation Village (HIVE) in Christchurch, brought together an innovative new building system, Warmframe™, with the High Performance Houses™ design and other sustainable technologies.  The house showcased the benefits of off-site construction (lower build costs and speed and quality of construction) and excellent performance (warm, healthy, energy and water efficient, low running costs).

The house was part of a larger programme of innovation - the New Category of Home project - which aims to find housing solutions which are high performing, modular and suited to producing volume housing, but which also reduce the time and cost of construction. The project is a collaboration between industry partners (NZ Steel, Frametek-RFS, InsulPro, Fletcher Aluminium and Resene), and has been facilitated and project managed by Beacon Pathway.

HIVE High Performance House

The HIVE show home

The High Performance House was designed by Salmond Architecture using their High Performance Houses designs. These use combinations of pavilions and links with a range of options in cladding, roof type and fit-out available to customise each home.

It incorporated a range of sustainable features to ensure that it would provide great ongoing value for future owners.  These included:

  • excellent thermal performance (warm even indoor temperatures throughout the house, reduced heating need, little indoor moisture or condensation)
  • energy efficiency (generating energy for water heating and power, lower energy use for lighting/appliances/heating, considerably reduced utility bills)
  • water efficiency and resilience (lower water use for tapware, showers and appliances, rainwater reuse, water available during water outages)
  • sustainable and healthy products (recycled and recyclable materials, low VOC coatings and adhesives, sustainably sourced timber).

The High Performance House was the first trial of the new Warmframe™ building system, developed as part of the ongoing collaborative programme. Consequently, the performance of the house and Warmframe™ was tested and monitored. 


HIVE Look Book


Download the look book for the High Performance House at HIVE (6MB)