Who might use the medium density assessment tools?

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You could benefit from applying the medium density assessment tools if you are a

  1. Developer or designer,  including developers who are aiming to continually improve their practices, and less experienced developers who are perhaps less knowledgeable of wider urban design and placemaking concepts and practices.
  2. Resident (homeowner or tenant) who wants to understand the principles that underpin your development before making choices about whether a particular building or neighbourhood might be right for your.
  3. Member of a community that wants to understand how a new development complements and enhances your neighbourhood.

Here’s what you could use the tools to achieve:

Potential audience

Potential benefits


Designers and developers

  • Helps understand the existing neighbourhood / community
  • Identifies local amenities, key destinations and transport options
  • Helps determine residents that would and could live there
  • Maintains design standards with direct reference to residents’ and community needs and wants.
  • Identifies community concerns
  • Ensures integration
  • Matches supply to demand
  • Identifies opportunities to contribute to wider community development
  • Post occupancy resident feedback assists with future contracts and helps establish quality of developer
  • Additional certification associated with the use of the tool helps build the reputation of the developer 

Residents -potential buyers

  • Helps to improve understanding of local area, amenities, key destinations and transport connections
  • Determines quality of build and considerations relating to key concerns e.g. safety, security, public private interface, onsite amenities, parking and potential to personalise the property and transform it over time.


  • Educates and informs on current neighbourhood and suitability for residents’ current life stage
  • Provides reassurance of quality

 Existing residents

  • Opportunity to provide feedback on the property post occupancy


  • Establishes the building/complex as a quality development
  • Feedback contributes to the reputation, robustness and ongoing development of the tool.


  • Input provides context for developers and potential residents
  • Helps communities determine how any new development will integrate with the existing character and context of the area


  • Educates and informs
  • Increases acceptance of medium density
  • Provides assurance of quality development
  • Identifies potential areas for how the new development can support / enhance an existing community