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The statistics

  • The Waitakere NOW Home® is a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, single storey dwelling, with attached garage. 
  • It has a total floor area of 146 m2 (24m2 of this is garage). Almost half of the total floor area  is living and dining space.
  • There are two living areas: the main open living area including the lounge, dining area and kitchen; and a second living area off which the bedrooms open. The second living area is versatile.
  • It was built at a cost of $218,000 + GST, excluding landscaping and soft furnishings (2005 prices).

Waitakere NOW Home

Photo: Craig Robertson Photography


Simple principles of good building

By using simple, proven designs and technologies in combination, the Waitakere NOW Home® addresses the whole house – from energy efficiency to water to the indoor environment, and even to waste.

Its simple features include:

  • A design which faces the north with lots of windows on the northern side
  • Wide eaves to let the winter sun in but keep the summer sun out
  • A concrete floor which absorbs heat from the sun and releases it when the air is cold
  • High levels of ceiling, wall and floor insulation, much higher than in the Building Code
  • Double glazed windows to keep the heat in and the noise out
  • Solar water heating
  • Water efficient taps, toilet and appliances
  • A rainwater tank to collect and reuse rain
  • Ventilation of moisture in the kitchen and bathrooms
  • Passive ventilation to keep down moisture and avoid overheating
  • Good natural light in all rooms combined with efficient light fittings and bulbs


Waitakere NOW Home

Waitakere NOW Home®