Warmframe technology

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Warmframe™ is an innovative new technology which not only brings the speed and accuracy benefits of off-site construction but also promises to provide warm, healthy, energy and water efficient living with lower running costs.

Warmframe™ is a system combining:

  • Dimensionally accurate steel framing.
  • Insulation, cut to measure and installed to a very high standard
  • High performance double glazing
  • Coatings to protect and enhance the Warmframe™ system

The four products making up a Warmframe™ wall are put together in the factory.  In combination,  these products create a wall system with an R value (the measure of how well insulation works) which is significantly greater than required by the Building Code.  Cladding and coatings can be added in the factory also, maximising the speed and accuracy benefits of off-site construction, and protecting and enhancing the Warmframe™ system.

Warmframe™ has been trialled and tested in the HIVE High Performance House and the Warmframe duplex at Hobsonville.


The benefits of Warmframe™

Off-site construction - With Warmframe™, an entire wall - or even house - can be built in the factory.   This has the potential to lower construction (and therefore purchase) costs because of the accuracy and reduced wastage possible in a factory, and because of the speed of offsite fabrication in a controlled and secure environment with no weather delays (no waiting for framing to dry out!). A faster build causes less disruption, allowing people to continue to live in their old homes throughout the construction period. Other accommodation will only be required whilst the site is cleared and the Warmframe™ house is delivered and assembled.

High performing house - Warmframe™ provides a way to insulate steel framing to a very high standard of thermal performance.  The resulting homes should be very warm, healthy and energy-efficient, with lower power bills.

Flexibility of design - Warmframe™ can be applied to any house design - it is a building system, not a particular style of house.