Waste management in the Rotorua NOW Home®

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Construction waste

Good on-site waste practices were used during construction.  Records of the waste generated were kept, by visual inspection, weight and photograph.  Where possible, wastes were separated for landfill diversion (i.e. either for recycling, reusing or fuel purposes). Material wastes diverted from the landfill included:

  • some treated and untreated timber, to be used on future sites 
  • #1 and #2 plastics and glass, recycled using the wheelie bin pickup
  • ferrous metals (almost all cladding material) 
  • cardboard, through the local cardboard recycler

Generating less waste from daily living

Recycling:    Rotorua District Council offers free recycling from recycling centres and transfer stations.  Two-compartment, under-bench recycling/rubbish bins - each compartment of at least 15 litres - provided in the kitchen encourages sorting of household waste. Easy access to the garage and adequate space for non-organic recycling bins makes recycling an easy option in both houses.  Two 10 litre bins are provided under the kitchen sink of the Rotorua NOW Home® for recycling.

Composting:  There is no in-sink waste disposal system as these not only consume a great deal of water but discourage composting and overload the sewerage system.
The Rotorua NOW Home® has a larger section with plentiful room for a vegetable garden and adjacent compost bins at the rear of the house.  Two 400 litre compost bins will be provided to encourage composting.

Rotorua NOW Home

Rotorua NOW Home®