Water conservation in the Waitakere NOW Home®

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Using less water

The Waitakere NOW Home® uses low flow shower mixers and showerheads which restrict water flow to 9 litres per minute, compared to standard showerheads which can use up to 20 litres per minute. Taps with flow and temperature limiters restrict water flow to 7 litres per minute. 

Dual flush toilets also reduce water consumption with a 6 litre full / 3 litre half flush, compared with the traditional 11 litre single flush cistern.  This has the potential to reduce water used in toilet flushing by up to 67%.  The toilets have an AAA Water Conservation rating.

The dishwasher and washing machine in the Waitakere NOW Home® have been selected for water efficiency.  The dishwasher has a water conservation rating of AAA.  The washing machine  automatically senses the level of water required for a load, preventing unnecessary filling. It has a water conservation rating of AAAA.  No in-sink waste disposal system has been fitted to reduce water usage in the kitchen.

There is no inbuilt outdoor watering system.  Instead the garden was landscaped with drought resistant native plants to reduce the need for watering.

Using free water

The most obvious water-saving device in the Waitakere NOW Home® is the rainwater collection tank.  All the water used in the house, except the cold water provided to the kitchen and bathroom, is drawn from this tank. 

The Waitakere NOW Home® rainwater tank is a 13,500 litre, 2.8m diameter tank, larger than our water team currently recommends.  The TankVac system siphons dirty water from the bottom of the tank when tank overflows, rather than the clean water from the top, and so maintains high quality water supply.  The tank water is then pumped into the plumbing system where it supplies all hot water and non-drinking water. 

Waitakere NOW Home rainwater tank Photo: Deborah Dewhirst

Reducing the effects of stormwater

The overflow from the tank was the only water fed into Waitakere City Council stormwater system.  With all the rainwater from the roof being collected by the tank, there was less chance of flooding.

The landscaping maximised permeable surfaces, with grass, garden and chip.  Concreted areas were as small as possible, reducing run-off to a minimum. 

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