Water conservation in the HomeSmart Home

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Using less water

Appliances in the HomeSmart Home we re chosen for water efficiency, using the WELS rating system.  These included a 4.5 star dishwasher and a 4.5 star washing machine.

Likewise, shower, toilets and taps were water efficient.  The 4 star toilet has a 4.5/3 litre dual flush option.  Taps were 3 stars while the shower head was also 3 stars.

Reusing water 

The HomeSmart Home reused both rainwater and greywater.  The 4500 litre rainwater tank was plumbed for garden use, while the EcoPlus greywater system supplied the toilet.  The greywater system was used by the family for 243 of the 257 monitored days with the family switching the system off when they left the house for several days. 

Reducing the effects of stormwater 

As well as reduced impermeable area in the landscaping and the rainwater tank, the HomeSmart Home featured a raingarden to filter stormwater.


Did you know dual flush toilets


Dual flush, water efficient toilet


Dual flush, water efficient toilet