What is the HomeSmart Home project?

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The HomeSmart Home is a live research project, designed and built to show that relatively simple and cost effective features can improve not only the performance but the affordability of a home.

The project is a collaboration between Beacon and the New Zealand Housing Foundation, a charitable trust dedicated to assisting low-income households into their own homes.


Based on our HomeSmart Home guidelines

Beacon’s HomeSmart Home guidelines were tested in the design and construction of the home. These provide advice and instruction on creating a new home which will meet the benchmarks of the HSS High Standard of Sustainability®.

The HomeSmart Home was built as part of a New Zealand Housing Foundation subdivision.  With affordability a key issue for the Housing Foundation, they aimed to see how energy, water and waste efficiencies could be made, to create a comfortable and healthy home, and to test the use of such features in future Foundation housing projects.


Monitored in real-life conditions

Not only was the house designed and built to meet strict performance goals, it was extensively monitored in real-life conditions.  As the family of six living in the house went about their day-to-day lives, the performance of the HomeSmart Home was remotely monitored.

Data was collected on energy use, water use, rainwater collection, temperature, indoor air quality, humidity and moisture levels.  It has provided sound scientific proof of the benefits of living in a sustainable home.

Interviews with the family gave good feedback on their experience of the house.


HomeSmart Home