What is the Rotorua NOW Home® project?

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The Rotorua NOW Home® is Beacon’s second live research project and our first collaboration with Housing New Zealand Corporation. 


Photo: Craig Robertson Photography

Housing New Zealand Corporation owns the land on which the house is being built and on completion, the home became part of Housing New Zealand’s rental stock.  

The performance and comfort of the home was remotely monitored for one year while a family lived in it.  Data was collected on energy use, water use, rainwater collection, temperature, indoor air quality, humidity and moisture levels.

The Waitakere NOW Home® established that it is possible to build and design a home that performs well using basic principles and materials available today.  The principles were developed by a team of experts in sustainable building and the house built to those specifications.  The Rotorua NOW Home® project took the next step.

The house was designed with the advice of our building experts but to meet the requirements of Housing New Zealand.  Working closely with a homeowner and monitoring the resulting home’s performance have taught us much about the extent to which we can adapt or compromise the principles developed in the Waitakere NOW Home®. 

Our researchers have used this knowledge in developing criteria for a HomeSmart Home.  They have identified the basics which must be included for a home to be HomeSmart.

HomeSmart Homes use simple, proven designs and technologies in combination to address the whole house.  We believe that sustainable homes are not just about energy efficiency: they are about using water wisely, creating a healthy indoor environment, selecting renewable and recyclable materials, and reducing construction and household waste.

Rotorua NOW Home

Rotorua NOW Home®