What the Waitakere tenants noticed - Water conservation measures

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Visitors learn about the Waitakere rainwater tank  Photo: Deborah Dewhirst

Water in the Auckland region is metered and can be a big cost to households.  The good news for Joe and Hayley was that their rainwater tank provided 47%-52% of their water needs, and the low flow taps and shower heads, dual flush toilets and water efficient washing machine reduced their water bills to half the average in surrounding Waitakere City. 

After an initial glitch when the tank water ran out, a simple level indicator on the tank was enough to reassure Joe and Hayley about water levels.  The family noticed no difference in using the low flow fittings on taps and showers – in fact, showering was the biggest user of water.  Initially they used a lot of water on the garden and lawn, knowing that people would be looking at the garden during open homes, but admitted they weren’t really gardeners.  The low care garden planted with natives was ideal for them.


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